Opinion: How to create a Smart Building in under 20 minutes?

We found something intriguing on Twitter the other day…

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TL;DR — You won’t.

Let’s just think about what you’ll need to to make this happen. You’re going to need a proper internet connection to make this work with cloud-based computing platforms. You’ll then need a security setup that has the required firewall settings or even a VPN setup.

Next you’ll need a digital floor plan, or even better a BIM (Building Information Modeling) model. Let’s not forget, you’re going to need smart sensors and actors everywhere.

If by some chance you have all of these, then you’re most likely already sitting in a smart building. Congratulations. Someone probably has a model for it if you ask around.

Sometimes, the good things in life take a little time but pay out in the longer run. Taking shortcuts with data is a risk that we just won’t take. But best of luck to those that try.

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