New data added: Japan

こんにちは (Konnichiwa)

Our latest building data import is from the country of rising sun — Japan!

Registration with authorities and download procedures are a little more complex in Japanese. Also file formats are, let’s say, very traditional XML structures. We’ve had quite some scripting work to do but it’s been clearly worth the effort.

We finally managed to add more than 60 Million buildings to our database.

First reviews confirmed a large number of valid polygons but also unexpected splits, see below.

These buildings have been cut at tile borders. Unfortunately we’ve had no reference to help joining the parts. So we had to stick all the parts together with geometry operations.

A final touch of cleaning, fixing standard geometry errors, de-duplicating here and there. And here we are.

Ready for download:




Clean and comprehensive worldwide building data.

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Clean and comprehensive worldwide building data.

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