Deutschland is kind of a big deal when it comes to big data, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to work with. Until now.

39 million buildings, and counting.

State of the nation

In Germany, the accumulation and monitoring of geodata is the duty of the sixteen federal states. The states maintain all the sources and have an agreement among each other about available formats and data interoperability. Sounds great, right?

Don’t panic.

Without divulging too many trade secrets, we stayed up all night, for quite a few nights in a row, and as a result you now have 6 million new buildings ready for use.

Deutschland in numbers

No. of buildings: 33.4 M > 39.3 M
Type attribute: 14.7% > 48.7%
Height attribute: 6.2% > 44.5%
Roof details: 4.0% -> 41.0%

Clean and comprehensive worldwide building data.