How to: Create a 3d buildings view in QGIS

In GIS, the most common way to get a feeling about a data set and to assess its quality is visual inspection. Artefacts or plausibility errors are easy to detect this way.

In 3d, things also look nice. We’d like to show you how to achieve this in QGIS. QGIS is the most frequently used open source and free desktop GIS solution and it’s well suited for this kind of work. It can read many vector and raster formats and provide a 3d map view from different sources. For a nice looking visualisation, follow these steps:

  1. If you don’t have QGIS on your computer, download and install the software from:

This is an easy way to set up a proper view of geospatial data in Open Source Software. It is also possible to add a WMS background layer to visualize a satellite image background.

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Update 2023–01-11 Links updated for ONEGEO, sample data replaced by info about user defined selections.

3dbuildings Data map with custom selection tool



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