How building data works: Level of Detail

LOD–TU Delft

Level of Detail: 0

This is a building footprint. No height attached, no building parts visible. The vast majority of buildings in OpenStreetMap and open data city models are just that: flat polygons.

LOD 1 — Berliner Dom (Mapbox GL)

Level of Detail: 1

This extends footprints from LOD 0 with height information. A building can consist of several parts, each with a different height.

LOD 2 — Berliner Dom (OSM Buildings)

Level of Detail: 2

Roof shapes are the most significant improvement for this mode. It requires specific map or 3d software to display properly.

LOD 3 — Berliner Dom (3D Warehouse)

Level of Detail: 3

LOD 3 covers maximum roof details and includes facade details. There is no limit on how much information to put in. Materials (glass, metal, stone, etc.) and photo-realistic textures are very common too.



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