Buildings? 3dbuildings!

2 min readJun 2, 2021


OpenStreetMap data is free and available from many providers.

That is true and also wrong. We at 3d buildings are not only using OpenStreetMap as a data source but also complementing from many other data sets. Read more

The extend of processing OpenStreetMap data and complementing it is unique today.

Hamburg — in Maptiler and in Here

Speaking of effort, processing the data, cleaning, fixing, complementing is never free. You can always do it on your own, save cash, learn a lot but it has a cost.

Hamburg — in Mapbox and in 3dbuildings

Notice the differences in geometry detail, available height and attributes.

Geometry detail in MapTiler and 3dbuildings

For best visual impression the viewer software makes a difference too. However, if data is not detailed, the the viewer won’t help much.

Hamburg — in OSM Buildings

As soon as you start to build with building data, there are more details to consider. Does your data source link building parts?

This is relevant for making complex buildings selectable. See below.

Berliner Dom — Building parts selectable at once.

If your map is about buildings or if you require specific comprehensive data for analysis, have a look into the fine work done by our team.