3dbuildings on Amazon AWS Marketplace

1 min readDec 16, 2020

One of the largest marketplaces for data is Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. Therefore we are pleased to offer 3dbuildings data there.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace enables customers to find the right data and services for purchase on their platform. It offers a wide range of pricing models and deployment options.

Since the number of 3dbuildings customers who are active in the AWS is growing, we also wanted to give users the opportunity to benefit from 3dbuildings solutions.

Therefore we are very pleased that 3dbuildings data is now also available on AWS Marketplace to a large number of customers. This offers the great advantage that they can find everything they need to build their own application from a single source. Services from other providers can also be used and integrated.

Customers can familiarize with 3dbuildings data quality and coverage. We are also offering free and unrestricted test data.

Are you an AWS power user? Are you looking for clean and comprehensive building data ready to be used? You can now also integrate 3dbuildings data into your existing AWS cloud solution.